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Wray Introduces A Dreamy Track With "Wishing"

Introducing an extraordinary band Wray it's consisted of singer and Bassist David Brown, along with bandmates Blake Wimberly (drums) and David Swatzell (guitars/vocals), they had felt fueled by their status in a blue city in a red state, in the American South with it's morally complex past, in a modernity fueled by conflict and difference. Though they only planned on recording a pair of songs, they came away with a full album, but one separated into two clear halves: Stream Of Youth Holds the record's hopeful tracks, While Blank World comprises the fatalistic songs. The massive leap on Stream of Youth / Blank World is evident from a single glance at the cover art. While WRAY’s first two records featured abstract imagery, the new record’s pair of Boris Vallejo paintings showcase the expressive, expansive duality.

Following their newest release Stream of Youth / Blank World they have one very captivating track which is "Wishing". Their soothing and captivating vocals just makes it irresistible to not want to listen to the whole song. This song began from many attempts to build something out of a single melody; the chorus. They had tried different rhythms and ideas on verse. They had this idea of wanting it to be dark, poorly lit, overtly lustful, and seedy. Ultimately, the feeling is hopeful when the melody returns. The synth lines, singy backing vocals and bouncy tribal beat morphed this song in the studio. Wishing is transcending. It's truly a dreamy feel that just gives you that feeling of wanting to be dancing in a sunflower field. Make sure to go check out this album and all there other amazing tracks.






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