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Whitney McClain With Her Outstanding Track "TOP SPOT"

Upcoming artist Whitney McClain was born and raised in Willamette Valley, Oregon, the singer and songwriter began singing as soon as she could talk. Music became her number one focus until two brain surgeries threatened her life. Emboldened by her family and faith, she recovered and immersed herself in music as soon as she could. Her music began to have the same effect on others almost immediately. Emerging in 2015, Whitney’s debut single “Bombs Away,” racked up over 1 million views on YouTube. Hot on its heels, she returned with the 2016 EP, Nothing To Lose, which spawned three singles that each joined the million views club. Meanwhile, she garnered a nomination from the Independent Music Awards for “Urban EP of the Year.” Simultaneously, her songs impacted airwaves via iHeartRadio, Sirius/XM, Music Choice, and beyond, while Next2Shine touted her as “Artist of the Month,” and she garnered acclaim from Urban Vault and Prodigii Source One. A live force to be reckoned with, she joined heavy hitters such as The Ohio Players with a powerhouse performance of her own at the Soul’D Out Music Festival. With the release of her newest single "TOP SPOT" she projects a very outstanding track that will surely grasp your attention. Starting the track with a upbeat energy leading onto her loud and full vocals she completes the track entirely. Explaining the track further it's for the people who feel like their talent is overlooked. It’s a message to not listen too haters and to keep striving for your dreams. To the vocals and production this track presents an energetic sound that will truly get your body moving. Being just perfect for a daily workout or just hanging with some friends. Go stream "TOP SPOT" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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