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whereisluna - "cheaper"

Toronto's rising pop songstress, Amy Han a.k.a. whereisluna, has released her single "cheaper," a catchy romp that deals with mental health, physical vices, and driving full-throttle into red flags. Beginning with a jumpy acoustic intro that morphs into a lively trance pop-rock ode, "cheaper" is relatable for anyone who has looked for temporary solutions to deal with their periods of mental strain. In this case, whereisluna, decides to distract herself with a person. The single is really hard to compare with others this time because of the uniquess that the artist brings this time. Vocally we think she takes influence from Taylor Swift quite a bit we think. With the writing we also think that whereisluna grew up listening to Taylor Swift's music. The vocals sound absolutely luscious and full, not airy nor stressing the vocals at all whereisluna truly delivers here. The hook is very relatable, Listen below!


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