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WELTSCHMERZ - "All That Jazz"

Introducing WΞLTSCHMΞRZ with their latest creation, "All That Jazz". This track marks their third release under this artistic identity and their first submission to us, and let me tell you, it's an absolute vibe. Imagine a cozy, dimly-lit jazz bar, with the soft hum of conversation and the clinking of glasses in the background, that's the world WΞLTSCHMΞRZ transports you to with this piece. This instrumental hip-hop gem weaves a tapestry of sound that's as chill as it gets, perfect for night time or day time frankly. It all kicks off with some brilliant piano chords, courtesy of WΞLTSCHMΞRZ's nephew. Those jazzy vibes set the stage for what's to come we think, a symphony of diverse piano tones, easygoing drums, and a solid bass that grounds the whole track. We think what really makes "All That Jazz" stand out are the strings. They're the heart and soul of the track, creating a beautiful, continuous vibe that you just can't get enough of we think here. Then there's the drop at 0:49, an unexpected turn that elevates the track to a new level. It's a moment where all the elements, the piano, strings, drums, and bass, come together in perfect harmony. You also can't ignore the cool sound effects and the lazy-cool vocal adlib that adds a unique charm to this Lo-Fi masterpiece.


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