Wellš With Their Nostalgic Track "See Who You Are"

Introducing a brother and sister duo known as wellš that will certainly intrigue you to their sound with every track. This synth-pop duo consist of siblings Zac and Court Caldwell create the soundtrack of their music from vintage synthesizers, powerful vocals and acoustic drums that trigger electronic samples, creating a sound that is danceable and inspiring to listen to. Wellš music and lyrics present faith in a way that is both relatable to everyday life, and challenges the boundaries of what music made by people of faith can sound and look like. With a stage show that captivates you right from the start through a cinematic style experience, immersing you in their music through lighting, scene changes, and movement, this duo is one you definitely want to see live and also add into your playlists. Following the release of their newest single "See Who You Are" they project one outstanding song that will certainly get you up your feet and start dancing. Beginning the track with a slow but yet uplifting beat leading onto their luscious and soft vocals they complete the track entirely. To the production and vocals this track will surely take you into a nostalgic atmosphere. To explain the track further it's about knowing the person you have with you at that right moment, it's the person you want to experience life forever, even if there's up and downs. The track would be just perfect for a late night drive or getting ready to go out with some friends. Go stream "See Who You Are" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.