Welcome Center With Their Amazing Track "Near Death"

Welcome Center is a Dallas/Philadelphia-based electronic-pop band that formed in 2017. Jesse Smith and Aaron Sternick write, record, and produce all of the band's music from Dallas and Philadelphia, respectively a long-distance collaboration only made possible by 14 years of friendship and a cloud storage account. One of the very first songs the band wrote together, 2019’s "Is This All There Is?", embodies what makes their camaraderie click: the buoyant rhythms of early New Order, the throbbing house-influenced bass, and the existential dread of DFA records, meditating on the banality and meaning of materialism. PopMatters called it an “instant hit.” Central Track placed it among the top 20 songs released by a Texas band in 2019. On July 17, 2020, Welcome Center will release This House Will Be Filled With. The EP digs deeper into what the duo built on "Is This All There Is?" – five tracks of rhythmic grit, glimmers of swirling analog flourishes, and Smith’s trademark moody and introspective lyrics, recently compared by NPR’s KXPN as “equal parts Gibbard and Robert Smith.” Following the release of his newest single "Near Death" they project a very nostalgic track that will definitely intrigue your ears. Beginning the track with a soothing but yet funky beat leading onto his soothing but luscious vocals, they capture the track entirely. To the vocals and production it presents a nice chilling atmosphere that would make it perfect for a late night drive or chilling at beach while watching the sunset. Explaining the track further it's about a dark, IDM-inspired earworm that touches on human connection in dystopic times, receiving others with empathy in spite of uncertainty and fear, inspired in no small part to the unsettling times the world has gone through in 2020. Go stream "Near Death" and check out their discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.