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WayneWood Introduces A Melancholy Track With "Dying"

Upcoming artist WayneWood returns to our page with another amazing track with "Dying". Being born in Alexandria Louisiana. Waynewood brings a rock style vocal to many genres including hip hop & performs most of the choruses on JavyDade & his latest collaboration project. Waynewood is mysterious and does not show his face but, it’s easy to spot his vocals and style once you have heard him on a track. Waynewood is versed in producing, playing guitar, writing, vocals, and engineering (mixing & mastering) all his music at a high level. His music is not for everyone to understand or like. His music is HIS therapy. However, if you DO understand it, you will be attached to it forever.

Following his latest single "Dying" WayneWood projects an even deeper side toward his emotions with this most sincere track. Starting the track with a melancholy beat leading to his soft and capturing vocals. This track would be perfect for a late night drive or just being alone and thinking about your thoughts. To explain this track further WayneWood describes it as a song he wrote when he was dealing with his lowest point of bipolar 1 / psychotic features disorder. He also says "I hate this song but I love it at the same time for the fact that I was truly honest when speaking to the mic in a form of therapy". It just really captures the true essence of hearing pure songs that present a deep feeling. Go Stream "Dying" and check out his discography which is filled with other amazing tracks.