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Waves_On_Waves x Crimewave - "Black Hole" (feat. Paris Remedy)

Welcoming the dynamic collaboration of Waves_On_Waves x Crimewave with their new track "Black Hole," featuring Paris Remedy. This song is a foray into classic rock and alternative rock, with a touch of Southern Rock/Red Dirt, creating a mood that's dark, moody, and epic. The track is reminiscent of legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother, and Greta Van Fleet, showcasing a blend of powerful emotive vocals and hypnotic rhythmic melodies. The crystal clear mix is also a plus, as the guitars fall easily on the ears although they do indeed shred. Waves_On_Waves, made "Black Hole" as part of the new album "Inhalant." This album marks a departure from Waves_On_Waves' previous volumes of synthwave and electronic dance collaborations. Tt focuses on haunting piano-based compositions, reflecting a return to more organic, rock-oriented roots. The track is inspired by the monumental sound of Led Zeppelin and it shows well, the influence is strong and in good taste we personally think here. It mixes modern pop polish with the timeless appeal of rock & roll, reestablishing the piano as a central instrument in this genre. In the end, theres a feeling of grit with the harmonica we think also. Waves_On_Waves commands the keys with a mix of intimacy and aggression, showcasing the versatility of the piano in rock music. Listen to see what we mean.


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