Wake The Wild With Electro Funk Single "Guilty Pleasure"

Wake the Wild is an LA based trio that fuses funky live instrumentation with electronic, R&B and nudisco. They are very reminiscent to the duo Majid Jordan, the lead vocalist reminds me of Majid Al Maskati alot. The combination of catchy melodies, pocket grooves and good vibes makes it nearly impossible not to dance to the beat. Within the first few secodns of hearing the record I knew that it would be a smash, Don't you love when that happens? The single has already been tapped into by playlists like Fresh Finds. Wake the Wild is set to release a series of singles leading up to their debut EP. From the intro vocals, to the pre chorus and then the hook, the track builds up oh so nicely and is definitely one to remember. I would not be surprised if they end up collaborating with Oligee. Take a listen now.