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VXLLAIN - "Distant Echoes"

Hey peeps, if you're into synthwave, you gotta check out this new track "Distant Echoes" by VXLLAIN. This is the guy's first finished and published synthwave piece, and man, did he nail it. If you're a fan of artists like VØJ and Narvent, you'll totally dig this. VXLLAIN's been kinda low-key about his music until now, but he's ready to bring his stuff into the limelight. He says this track is inspired by one of his favorite jams, "Memory Reboot - VØJ & Narvent," and you can totally hear it.

The track has this chill, moody atmosphere that kinda makes you feel like you're floating in space or something. It's lush with some dope synth elements. But get this, it's got this vaporwave vibe that makes it even more unique. VXLLAIN's been messing around with music production since 2019, and this track feels like he's finally finding his groove. He says he's got more stuff in different genres coming down the pipeline, so if you're digging "Distant Echoes," stay tuned for more. Trust me, you won't wanna miss what he's got cooking.


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