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Vincent McDowell x Gorden with an E1000 Footsteps

Prepare yourself for a musical experience like no other as Vincent McDowell and Gorden with an E join forces in "1000 Footsteps," a haunting electro pop masterpiece that's nothing short of epic. With a release date falling on Friday the 13th, this track is perfectly timed to send shivers up your spine, especially during the heart of spooky season. Vincent McDowell brings a rare and enchanting element to the table with the use of the Melodic Minor Scale, a scale that's exceptionally uncommon in the realm of pop music. As you listen, you'll be transported to what feels like a different dimension, with the ethereal sounds of a ghostly choir guiding you through the music. But the true heart of the story lies in Gorden with an E's lyrical prowess. She shares a deeply personal narrative, delving into a dark period in her life when she wore many different faces, each one a reflection of her inner struggles. This multifaceted persona that emerged when she was under the influence becomes a central character in her story. "1000 footsteps" represent all the versions of ourselves that coexist within us, often unnoticed by those who think they know us well. It's a haunting reminder that we can never truly escape our own complexities. For those who appreciate the epic, dark, and moody atmospheres of artists like Seven Lions, Lorde, Dabin, Lana Del Rey, and Imogen Heap, "1000 Footsteps" is a must-listen. It's a musical journey that takes you to the depths of introspection, exploring the enigmatic layers of the human psyche. So, as you immerse yourself in this spellbinding track, ponder the haunting question it raises: Can we ever truly escape ourselves? Listen below.


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