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very real earthquake machine -insurrection is the only way to live

Astounding artist very real earthquake machine creates sonic quakes, destructive sounds, and erasing the all borders of music. Currently eating noise, trip-hop, ambient, shoegaze, industrial and hip hop then vomiting it. Influenced by RSPC, Dälek, my bloody valentine, 90 BPM, William Basinski, JPEGMAFIA, and Massive Attack. With the release of his newest track "insurrection is the only way to live" he projects a soothing sound that will definitely captivate your attention. Beginning with dreamy instrumentation leading onto soft and sultry added vocals he completes the song entirely. Having a such calming energy this track could be perfect for any occasion. It really sets the tone for you just to vibe out and take a second to not think about any stresses or worries you might have going on. Go stream "insurrection is the only way to live" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing music.


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