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Vera’s Son - "Lovely Miranda"

"Maybe my mind is fading away, but what is life if you can't dream?" These poignant words open the ethereal world of "Lovely Miranda," a track by the enigmatic Vera's Son. Nestled within the chillwave and dream pop genres, this song is a testament to the dreamy, otherworldly allure of Vera's Son's music. Vera's Son, the brainchild of the graveyard shift working song-man Don Dreste, is an artist whose roots run deep in the heart of working-class Lemay. The project's name, Vera's Son, stems from Don's time working in a convent kitchen, where a forgetful nun affectionately called him "Vera's Son" due to his mother's shared employment at the convent. This quirky origin story mirrors the distinctive blend of dream pop, folk rock, indie rock, jangle pop, post-punk psychedelic rock, and shoegaze that defines Vera's Son's musical identity. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of musical influences, ranging from The Beatles to Slowdive, and from Nirvana to Hank Williams, Vera's Son's compositions reflect a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions. The songs are imbued with intricate layers of sound that offer solace to the weary soul. Vera's Son's latest album, "Madaford Mélange," is the culmination of years of creative vision and effort. It's a testament to the craft and realism that has been passed down through generations of blue-collar artists. As you delve into the music of Vera's Son, you'll find yourself navigating through moody atmospheres and romantic reverie, a musical journey that's both introspective and emotionally resonant. So, if you're in the mood for dreamy soundscapes that touch the depths of the soul, Vera's Son is an artist you don't want to miss.


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