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Venzi - "Stains"

The release of Stains comes as the debut music video for rising London-based artist Venzi. This song has an almost psychedelic vibe to it, all the while morphing elements of different elements of trap and garage within different parts of the song. This song will be the first in a series of releases that will follow in 2022 as the artists looks to add visual elements to his artistry with more music videos and live shows in the near future. The single starts off with quite a long intro that leads into the hard hitting instrumentals kicks. The vocals come in shortly after and Venzi does more than just deliver and do his part towards the hard instrumetal, but they do good coexisting in eachothers eviorments. Neither the vocals, nor the instrumental take up all the space and out shines eachother. The lyrics are absolutely amazing through out the single and there doesnt present a single dull moment within the song. The switch up is absolutely amazing as well as it reminds us of Pink Pantheress we think. The UK sound we absolutely adore, listen below.


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