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Veno - “Devil's Eyes”

Musician Veno has released a new single, "Devil's Eyes," that takes listeners on a journey through a bleak and dystopian future. The song tells the story of a desperate search for a way out of this oppressive world, with the protagonist journeying through desolate wastelands in search of a hidden city and the mysterious power of the Devil's Eyes.

Veno, also known as Alan, is an electronic producer and DJ who draws inspiration from dystopian movies, video games, and cyberpunk culture to create a unique sound that transports listeners to a post-apocalyptic world of sound. "Devil's Eyes" is a standout example of this style, with heavy synths and haunting vocals evoking a sense of tension and mystery. The lyrics speak of a desperate search for freedom and a better life, making this song a powerful call to action for those who want to bring about a brighter future.

Veno has earned recognition from the ghost production community for his work, collaborating with artists who have earned over 10 million streams worldwide. "Devil's Eyes" is a must-listen for fans of electronic music and dystopian themes, and we look forward to hearing more from this talented musician in the future!


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