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Venbee - "rampage"

Introducing Venbee with her debut mixtape, "Zero Experience," that dropped on October 20th. Featuring her latest single, "rampage," this collection promises a rollercoaster of emotions, genres, and storytelling that's bound to leave an impact.

Already seen as a versatile artist with a taste for heavy drum'n'bass and raw, confessional lyrics, Venbee is a 23-year-old sensation who's been having an extraordinary year. Each of her singles has landed in the Top 100 on the UK Singles Chart, cementing her as a force to be reckoned with. Now, with "rampage," Venbee teams up with DJ SS and Chase & Status for a full-throttle Drum & Bass track that exudes energy, epicness, and experimental flair. With a style reminiscent of goddard., Charli XCX, and Alcemist we think, "rampage" showcases her in a new light, one that expands upon her well-established Electro Pop and Dance Pop genres.

The mixtape, "Zero Experience," will feature not just her hits but also collaborations with other remarkable artists like Goddard, Rudimental, and Hybrid Minds. In a statement, Venbee explained that the project is a "super honest take on growing up," containing tracks that delve into her own raw experiences. Listen below and judge for yourself.


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