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Vance Eris - "HOT FUDGE"

Vance Eris is a studio rat from Tarzana, California - the strip mall central of the world! He has been working tirelessly with the goons at Tezan Records to create something that is insanely tasty to listen to for cool teens and repulsive for anybody over the age of 70. Now isn't that a way to introduce someone. Vance Eris is a new artist on our radar that we felt compelled to share with his latest single "HOT FUDGE". An ambient single that feels inspired and reminiscent to Frank Ocean with a lot of the writing, but imagine if frank took an ambient pop route. We don't mean to point fingers, but we compare because Vance Eris, like his influences can make music out of nothing. The vocals sounded recorded through the phone almost until it comes up to the hook. We feel absolutely engufled by the then louder vocals stacked on top of eachother that is reminiscent to Justin Timberlake, Listen below.


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