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VamViper - "i'll meet u in the midnight sun"

Welcoming, VamViper, an artist signed to Whampire! Records, delivers a captivating single titled "i'll meet u in the midnight sun." This emo track sets a dark atmosphere with electronic synths and features the musician's higher-toned vocals layered over a nostalgic rock instrumental with a wet sound. Serving as the title track of VamViper's EP, this song is a mesmerizing blend of cyberpunk, darksynth, and alternative rock.

The lyrics of "i'll meet u in the midnight sun" read like a vampiric pick-up line, adding a unique and intriguing element to the song. With its sexy, moody, and dark moods, the track immerses listeners in a haunting sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from artists like Phantogram, The xx, Lorde, Grimes, and CHVRCHES, VamViper's music captures the essence of these influences while infusing their own distinct emo style.

The song itself was a last-minute addition to the EP, chosen to serve as an overture that lyrically calls out to each of the other tracks. It sets the stage for the EP's overarching theme of what goes bump in the night. With its combination of dark atmospheres, electronic synths, and VamViper's unique vocal approach, "i'll meet u in the midnight sun" creates an enchanting musical journey that invites listeners to explore the shadows.


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