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VALNTNA Introducing Her Amazing Track "Black Kingz"

VALNTNA is an upcoming artist from South London R’n’B/Soul artist who is a captivating vocalist and songwriter known for her unique, powerful and sultry r&b/soul vocals combined with her infectiously Rock & Goth look and striking presence. VALNTNA's passion for music stemmed from her love for 90's Rhythm & Blues & Soul music. she was drawn into there soothing harmonies that gently oozed under the unforgettable melody hooks lead by powerful Vocals that had the ability to connect and touch peoples souls. With influences from the greats such as Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill, Jennifer Hudson, Aaliyah, Whitney Huston, Mary J Blige, Emeli Sande & Adele.

With her newest single "Black Kingz" she talks about a topic that should be more than often talked about. With a slow but yet captivating beat leading onto her loud and powerful voice. This is surely a track that i enjoyed and i'm pretty sure anyone else who listen's would fall in love just like i did. To explain this track a bit further it's based on the struggles black men continue to face within a society filled with racial inequality and injustice. She deliver's a powerful message to shine a light on these issues, empowering all black kingz to come together, uplift themselves and each other & embrace the change that is distinctly upon us. It's truly a beautiful track and with the vocals to the production it's something to definitely check out. Go stream "Black Kingz"!






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