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V Knuckles - "Winter Warfare" prod. by Kae Tee

Intoducing V Knuckles with the latest single "Winter Warfare" prod. by Kae Tee. “Winter Warfare” prod. by Kae Tea is the title track from V Knuckles debut album of the same name that recently dropped on 4/7/22 on All Platforms! The video directed by Gomez Films depicts life on the streets of Boston and Cambridge with Knuckles coming out of Dorchester Court, a place he fought several legal cases in. The single is absolutely amazing we think, the writing is simply storytelling and in the music video we can even see the trial and tribulations the artist went through, which is in reference to the title "winter warfare". The lyrics are just cold cut here we think and extremely well thought out. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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