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Uruwashi Introducing His Captivating Track "Rain"

Introducing upcoming artist uruwashi he is a Japanese musician and producer, an artist highly skilled at expressing himself through beat making. He has developed a reputation for emotional and nostalgic songs.His compositions are distinguished by their gentle melodies, which emphasize the characteristic sounds of the guitar, piano and synthesizer.

While you can feel genres as various as funk, soul, hip-hop, disco, jazz, rock or pop in uruwashi's roots, his tracks also include the best of nowadays genres such as chill-out, lo-fi, hip-hop, down-tempo or trap music. Following the release of his newest track "Rain" he grasp his listeners with a very soothing track that will surly capture your ears. Starting the track with a groovy beat leading onto sweet female vocals that complete the track entirely. It would be perfect for a late night drive or just hanging out with some friends. To explain the track further it's about just leaving everything behind and begin fresh, it's too late to go back and your ready to start you new beginning. It provides clarity and true emotion just one grasping track. Go stream "Rain" and go check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.






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