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Ursa Major Revelation - "Big Baby"

Prepare to be entranced as Ursa Major Revelation, the brainchild of songwriter/vocalist Ursula Rose and Bear Hands' guitarist Dylan Rau, takes you on a sonic journey with their latest track, "Big Baby." Blurring the lines between Indie Electronic, Chillwave, and Alt Pop, this song is a testament to their genre-defying creativity.

"Big Baby" is an electrifying earworm that serves as the title track for their debut EP, promising a listening experience that's nothing short of magical. With moody, energetic, and chill moods all rolled into one, it's no surprise that Ursa Major Revelation counts artists like Purity Ring, Sleigh Bells, Chairlift, CHVRCHES, and Magdalena Bay as their contemporaries.

Ursa Major Revelation's music is a testament to the power of storytelling through song. "Big Baby" carries a poignant message, as Ursula Rose reflects on a past relationship that began abruptly and engulfed her like a natural disaster. Her lyrics resonate with the intense emotions that can accompany young love and the challenges of finding one's own voice in the midst of it all.

The EP, "Big Baby," is a compelling narrative of love and self-discovery, with each song representing a different chapter in Ursula's life. Dylan Rau's instrumental prowess, crafted in various west coast closets and even at an Airbnb in Joshua Tree, provides the perfect backdrop for Ursula's evocative vocals.

With production and mixing by the talented Chris Chu (known for his work with The Morning Benders and Pop ETC), Ursa Major Revelation's music comes to life in a way that's both emotionally charged and sonically captivating. The EP is a testament to the fusion of art and experience, even featuring original artwork by Ursula's grandmother, Sara January Price.

So, mark your calendars for Ursa Major Revelation's forthcoming EP, "Big Baby," and get ready for a musical revelation that will leave you spellbound. With "Big Baby" as just a taste of what's to come, this indie-electronic duo is set to make a lasting mark in the world of music. Listen now.


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