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Urban Etiquette Introduce A Capturing Track "Story" (feat. Casey Veggies and BRYYCE)

Urban Etiquette is a rap/hiphop group based out of Los Angeles and Chicago. Founded by producers Maze Rockwell and Ziggystry (Zach Striar) in 2016 with the release of their single Theme Song, which charted on Spotify's US Viral Top 50 Playlist and then was picked up by another 20K playlist that boosted it's popularity. They have since released an Ep titled School Credit. Following their newest track "Story" it features verses from former Odd Future member Casey Veggies and BRYYCE, who is signed to Grand Hustle Music and also T.I’s youngest brother. It begins with a slow and soft beat leading onto the strong and bold vocals. This track is perfect to jam out while hanging out with friends. To explain the track further it's about sharing your story with a girl, it's about enjoying the life with a girl and having a story of their own. The amazing production and vocals captures this track fully that one listen just wouldn't be enough. It makes this track the great's essence of just enjoying the moment and having fun. With having 2 people on this track, it gave it a more of a versatility that is enjoyable and capturing. It the best track to just forget about everything and just vibe. It's a great track, make sure to go and check it out.