"UPSIDE DOWN" by Silk Cinema

Silk Cinema is a London based duo compromised of Kristy X (the singer) and Raph A (the producer). They describe their sound as "sade in space" which I smiled at. Upside down starts with dreamy chords, reminding me of artists like clairo and anna of the north, it has a backing beat consisting of what sounds like lynn drums from the 80's, soft but full. The instrumental puts you in a trance with its backing synths, around the chorus Raph introduces color with synths while Kristy sings about her world being upside down. We're all relative to the feeling. Later in the song a taste of funk is introduced within the song with soft guitar plucks. The song is colorful, soft, yet it's the perfect "raining at night time vibe". Kristy delivers the whole package as a vocalist in this peace, showing us her range, and her skill as a writer with emotion.



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