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Upcoming artist ULTRAVIOLETENVY is a rap artist from Fort Worth,TX. he's been recording since 2014. he began releasing music on Soundcloud in 8th grade under the name, "King Jakobe". He garnered a lot of attention from his classmates at the time, which caused him to keep releasing and making more content for his fans. Once he entered high school, he actually started to take his career very seriously. he graduated high school in 2019 and knew that music was what he wanted to do full time. Now, he's aiming for the top. Following the release of his newest track "City" he introduce a very soothing track that anyone can certainly vibe to. Starting the track with a slow but yet an ethereal sounding beat leading onto his luscious and captivating vocals he captures the whole track perfectly. He had recorded in his sister's dorm room while she was at work. During this time, he was living with her because he had nowhere else to stay and he had no job at the time. he had a lot of free time on my hands because he was doing much of nothing. While taking some time off things, ULTRAVIOLETENVY was just letting his creative thought float through his mind, creating track. This track would be perfect for a late night drive or hanging out with some friends and wanting to jam out. To explain this track a bit further it's about heading to a certain city, enjoying the vibes and trying to link up with someone and have fun, feeling the waves feed your soul. Go stream "City" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.