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Upcoming group TYNT is an eclectic mix of electronica, shoe gaze, and at times melancholic and industrial elements. With emotive melodies and harmonies that interweave driven and unpredictable motions, their music attempts to create a picture that is both recognizable and alien at the same time. While their first album captures a very certain mixture of heaviness and melancholy, the future of their musicality is most likely going to be unrecognizable, while at the same time still having some of their original characteristics. With the release of their newest single "HURTLOCKER" they project a fascinating sound that will definitely grasp your attention. Starting with nostalgic instrumentation leading onto their sweet and smooth vocals they complete the song entirely. Explaining the track a bit further it has a more melancholic and somber tone, calling back to elements from their past, but also reflecting a transition towards a new future. It combines dreamy sounds along with the emotive melody and definitely has a distinctive feeling akin to the band's other songs. To the vocals and production, this single will certainly have you vibing. Being just great for a late-night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "HURTLOCKER".


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