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Tyler Drama With His Melancholy Track "My Mind"

Upcoming artist Tyler Drama is an alternative musician with a passion for creativity. being raised primarily on rock, his ability to diversify among a myriad of genres has been proven throughout his musical history. after years of dedication to rock, punk, and hip-hop groups, he has settled on independence and has chosen to express himself as a solo artist. his favorite artist of all-time is Guns N' Roses. "the great thing about calling yourself 'alternative' these days is that you can create in basically any style, and still remain true to your genre" tyler says. Following the release of his newest single "my mind" he projects a very outstanding track that will surely captivate your ears. Starting the track with a booming beat leading onto his soft and luscious vocals he completes the track fully. Explaining the track further it's about his struggles with anxiety and how it takes over his mind, to the point where he can't fall asleep or even breathe at times. with the pandemic and ever-growing reliance on social media. While being an emotional track i'm sure it would resonate with others. To the vocals and production this track will surely take you into a nostalgic atmosphere that will certainly capture you. The track would be just right for a late night drive or just being alone within your thoughts. Go stream "My Mind" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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