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Ty Robinson - "Sneaky Link"

Introducing Ty Robinson today with his latest single "Sneaky Link" Ty Robinson is a singer/Songwriter/Model from New York, NY who with an early passion for music since childhood started singing to and for anyone who would listen. That then lead to him writing his first song at the age of seven. At 14 Ty Robinson began recording seriously and writing songs on a more professional level. Fast forwarding to Jan 7, 2009, Ty Robinson joined the Army. In the summer of 2010, Ty Robinson was deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. While over there he continued writing and recording new material. The artist leaves little time to waste and gets right to it with amazing vocals creeping in that is reminiscent to Tory Lanez we think with the riffs and runs flowing oh so smoothly, the artist does a stupendous job with his vocal melodies and the writing, we then hear the feature Foxx delivers a different flavor and taste to the single. Listen below.


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