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Trombobby x Frank Nitt - "LIKE ME"

Step into the world of "LIKE ME," a fusion of old-school flair and modern sensibilities crafted by TromBobby and the legendary Frank Nitt. This track serves as the energetic first single from TromBobby's highly anticipated upcoming EP, "PAUSE VOL.2."

Released by Stereofox, "LIKE ME" is a hip-hop masterpiece that beautifully marries the worlds of conscious and alternative hip-hop. The mood is nothing short of energetic, radiating vibes that would resonate with fans of A Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, and De La Soul.

Frank Nitt, one half of the iconic Detroit hip-hop duo Frank n Dank, brings his rich history of collaborations with the late J Dilla into this track. Known for their tongue-in-cheek, party-driven lyrics, Frank Nitt (Frank Bush) and his partner Dankery Harv (Derrick Harvey) have been creating buzz since the mid-'90s. Their rise to prominence started when they featured on J Dilla's album, "Welcome 2 Detroit" in 2001, and they've maintained their distinct essence ever since. We absolutely love the smoothness of J Dilla and have for years. Flipping the script now, TromBobby, on the other hand, is a rising producer already making waves with placements on Spotify's Orbit editorial and airplay on BBC Radio 1. His upcoming EP, "PAUSE VOL.2," promises to be a diverse and vibrant project, drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, including a picturesque village in Bulgaria and his muse and wife, Vittoria.

The collaboration between these two artists creates a unique atmosphere in "LIKE ME," a track that manages to be fresh and nostalgic at the same time. It's this very fusion that gives the song its exceptional appeal. Bloggers have even noted the single's brightness, likening it to the works of Mac Miller. Listen below and relax.


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