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Trag Blakk - "Moment"

Welcoming a fresh sound to the hip-hop scene: Trag Blakk's latest track "Moment." This piece is a blend of that classic East Coast boom bap vibe with a modern twist, neatly wrapped in the genres of Hip-Hop, Conscious Hip-Hop, and Gangsta Rap.

"Moment" is a track that resonates with chill, sad, and moody moods. It's like a reflective journey through the streets, where each beat and rhyme tells a story of life's complexities. The vibe is contemplative, offering a space to think and feel deeply. Trag Blakk stands among the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Big K.R.I.T., Kota the Friend, Denzel Curry, and Isaiah Rashad. While there isn't much known about the artist, "Moment" speaks volumes about his talent and ability to capture the essence of the genre. The track's allure lies in its ability to blend the raw, gritty energy of gangsta rap with the introspective nature of conscious hip-hop. It's a musical canvas that paints a picture of life's real moments, the ups and downs, and the personal struggles that many can relate to. Listen below now to see what we mean.


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