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Tonio Victoria - All Of Her

New to us, But Tonia Victoria is well known for her blend of soulful vocals and and honest gritty lyrics. Her new single "All Of Her" embodies female energy. The track begins with a guitar that is hypnotizing as soon as it touch's your ears, you're in a daze. Her cadence and voice is reminiscent to a young Erykah Badu. A very smoky, laid back feeling. Hailing from Huddersfield and being raised in South London are things that she considers pivotal in her musical journey, as well as her trials and tribulations in life which she has no problem touching on in her art. Tonia grew up in a mixed heritage, and that gave Tonia a vast variety of music to grow up listening to. She recalls her great love of hearing music throughout her home and always doing living room performances for her family at the first chance she got. With a great number of performances under her belt Tonia has already performed at some of the most prestigious events going, from Music For Youth at The Royal Albert Hall in her younger years, to Performing at Tramlines and Soundwave Festival in only her first couple of years as an active Solo Artist. Take a listen to "All Of Her".


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