• ana

Tome. With A Melancholy Track "MID NIGHT"

Introducing one talented artist that goes by the name tome. he's a budding pop artist exploring the vast field of retro-futuristic pop in an introspective manner. Single-handedly writing, producing, designing all of their creative sonics and visuals, it is no brainer that tome. is a force to be reckoned with. With songs like magic, they make any particular experience seem easy to listen to; exploring the different thresholds of what a pop song could be. After getting buzz from singles like thoughts and 2009, they released their debut mixtape outside neptune, which consisted of a 11-track journey that explores a variety of themes that renders the listener to acknowledge new perspective, Masked in celestial themes.

Following his newest release "MID NIGHT" tome. provides us with a capturing sound and amazing vocals. Starting the track with a soft but yet a groovy beat leading onto his full and sweet vocals. He captures the whole essence of the track by just letting his true self express his thoughts and just letting it flow through his writing. To explain this track further it's about is a song about the sacrifices of a passion. To chase some dreams you need to leave something behind, and that is not easy to do. You need some time to decide and Mid Night is that very day you chose to finally leave everything behind, and try not to think so much about the things you left behind. if you love this track as much as i did, go check out his discography that's filled with outstanding music.


Twitter: @melodiesbytome