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Token - "IOD" Ft. Lil Skies

Massachusetts-based rapper Token earned his stripes at a young age, writing his first songs at the age of ten and building an audience through his YouTube page where, at only 17, one of his songs went viral and earned him national recognition on blogs and in the rap community. Growing up north of Boston in Salem, Ben Goldberg began rapping under the name Token, producing tracks in a confident rapid-fire style reminiscent of Eminem. Token is an artist that we more than likely dont have to introduce because you've probably already heard of the talented lyricist. Lil Skies delivers as usual with amazing support. The instrumental features a tough groove with an amazing club ready standard clap, and bass. This is defintely for the enjoyers of fast rap, Logic, Mgk, and dare we say it if we have't already, Emine. Take a listen below.


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