Tobi Adey Introduces Himself To Us With "Got Got"

Introducing Tobi Adey. originally born in Lagos city, He lived in Kanu for a bit in Nigeria, then his mother got a promotion at work so they payed to move them out when he was younger. Living for a bit in Ealing/Acton for a bit , and now based in Wembley. He tells us how he got into music, "I got into music, both my parents make music, my pops is a gospel vocalist, he’s wavy, no lie, he still puts out music today. Mums also a vocalist. Was kinda inevitable for me to be honest, always used to follow my pops to his music videos and try get in them and stuff, always thought the concept of making my own music and music videos would be hard." He started rewriting raps from artists like lil Wayne and memorized the lyrics when he was younger. He then started rapping to his peers and eventually picking up the groove into being an artist, after taking a pause from 14-17 he's back in full effect and we hope to hear more.



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