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TLF - "Sad/Is/Fight"

Prepare to be taken on a dark, energetic journey with TLF's latest synthwave single, "Sad\Is\Fight." As the artist's first release since his debut album "Planet Sadness," this track boasts a fresh and cyberpunk-inspired sound that's an infusion of 8-bit nostalgia and unapologetic melancholia. In this captivating single, TLF breaks away from conventions, demonstrating his fearless approach to music-making. The raw production, abundant chiptune elements, and unconventional arrangement make "Sad\Is\Fight" a testament to his new artistic direction. The track's foundation lies in hard-hitting drums, an impulsive bassline, and layers of distorted synthesizers intertwined with Amiga500-inspired 8-bit sounds and ethereal backing vocals. Lyrically, "Sad\Is\Fight" delves into the emotional complexities of the ever-elusive feeling of "never enough." TLF explores the universal yearning for more – more money, more success, more happiness – and the emotional turbulence that comes with this constant pursuit in an increasingly fast-paced world. The track not only showcases TLF's musical evolution but also shines a light on the internal struggles many face within the "happiness trap" of insatiable desires. This single marks the commencement of a series of releases that pave the way for TLF's highly anticipated second album. With his distinctive blend of cyberpunk aesthetics, chiptune nostalgia, and unfiltered emotions, TLF continues to carve his unique path within the synthwave genre. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, TLF is an electronic music producer signed to NewRetroWave Records. His ability to blend various elements from punk rock to synthwave has resulted in a sound that's truly his own, making his work a standout in the ever-evolving world of electronic music. Listen now!


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