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thom.ko With His Groovy Track "Veins"

thom.ko is a talented artist who's a Bainbridge island native who is gearing up for the release of his debut EP and is gifting us with a new single "Veins" ahead of its release. The 21-year-old indie-singer/songwriter, now based in Los Angeles, takes influence from his surroundings, his peers, and his life experiences to create his unique combination of indie, electronic, and experimental hip-hop tracks. Being able to to record and produce by himself is really want projects the authenticity behind his tracks. thom.ko made a rousing debut with the release of his first single "Confusion" which garnered praise from numerous tastemakers. Sophomore single "Veins" is a powerful follow-up.

Following his newest single "Veins" It's a perfectly made track that anyone would be able to enjoy. Starting the track with a groovy beat leading onto his captivating vocals. It's surely a fun track that'll be perfect for a day at the beach or just spending time with friends just wanting to jam out to some music. To explain the track further it's a track that awards the small moments the victories they deserve in this unprecedented year. These are the moments that usually go unnoticed but I'm turning them into a celebration," thom shares. An abstract but danceable soundscape, broody vocals, and introspective lyrics leaves you with an optimistic and weightless feeling. "Clarity is gained by narrowing your focus on what's important in your life," he adds. "Veins" is a beautiful reminder to celebrate the small wins and remember that happiness is contextual. Go stream "Veins" and check out his whole discography that is filled with amazing tracks.