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Thom.ko With His Funky Single "Confusion"

Thom.ko, the artist project of Thomas Crowley, manifests itself in self-reflection, introspection, and a love for the obscure. Having grown up playing piano and in his school band, Tom began diving into music creation in high school. "There was never a specific moment I knew my future was going to be absorbed by making music, making music just slowly became an essential outlet for me, it became a part of who I am without me really even being aware," he shares. "I'm glad it did though. He continues on explaining that "Every landmark, milestone, memory is tied through it. I sacrificed personal relationships and experiences to keep pushing what seemed to be a revolving door at times. But looking back, I don't know what else could've truly fulfilled that need to express myself in the way music did". After moving to L.A and surrounding himself with likeminded creatives, he knew it was meant to be. "Confusion" is the next single off of the forthcoming debut EP, due out later this year. 

Introducing His latest single "Confusion" Thom.ko quickly piques interest with thoughtfully purposeful chaos. A pulsing beat, spectral synths, and a mouthful of lyrics glorify the uniquely magnetic energy woven throughout the single. One listen simply isn't enough - as every new listening experience provides a deeper dive into the lush sound and multi-layered track. Taking influence from early 2000's indie-rock and experimental hip/hop and R&B, thom.ko has created a rich, dynamic sound that is constantly maturing - both in sound and meaning. To further explain the track it's about taking the steps of mental and physical growth. Like many other songs you usually can pull your meaning and stories behind it. But with this track it's more of asking yourself the real hard questions while still having the urge to dance. The track suits best for a sunset drive or just a track to vibe to. Go stream "Confusion"






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