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The Wavos - “Here We Go!”

Welcome to our latest blog post about the talented band The Wavos and their new single "Here We Go!"

"Here We Go!", along with its Spanish version "íAquí Vamo!", is a hard-driving electro-rocker about coming together for a common goal and needing to be heard, loud and clear! While The Wavos prefer not to be political, they felt it was important this year to let "Here We Go!" represent (among other things) the growing strength of women in the USA, from the Me Too movement to reproductive rights. That was the idea behind the cover art, featuring the "Buffalo Girls."

The Wavos have been performing their live new wave '80s dance party shows up and down the USA's east coast since 2009, and audiences have been flocking to their shows for the rich, pulsing sound, wacky white kilts and jackets animated by the projected video light show, and the opportunity to immerse themselves in four hours of fun new wave dancing with the best of all possible mindless happy endings. They have been nine-year favorites at the home-grown Shenandoah Valley music festival Spaghettifest and have built a devoted fan base in Virginia in addition to their hometowns of New York City and Myrtle Beach. Their song "Chit Chat" was even featured in the 2015 horror film "The Barn."

The Wavos bring a multitude of influences to their recently released EP Five on the Floor!, including "Love Beach," a funky homage to Prince and Stevie Wonder, "Buffalo Girls," which is "country" from different countries, and "Come Alive," a celebratory electro-dance pop rocker.

Overall, "Here We Go!" is a great track for fans of hard-driving electro-rock music. If you're looking for a track that is full of energy and has a message about coming together for a common goal, this is the perfect choice. Be sure to check it out and follow The Wavos on social media to stay up to date on all of their latest releases.


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