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The Only Carnell - "How U Been" (Live)

The Only Carnell's "How U Been (Live)" is a relatable rap song that explores the struggles of daily life as an adult. With a musical style that blends alternative rap and R&B, The Only Carnell is a rising artist based out of Fayetteville, NC, with a unique ability to transmute a vibe into catchy melodies.

What sets The Only Carnell apart from other artists in the genre is his ability to think outside of the box when creating a sound that he can define as his own. His lyrics provide a look into his greatest form of self-expression, with stories about his joy, romantic relationships, and real-life experiences.

While The Only Carnell's musical style is rooted in hip-hop, he also explores different instrumental dynamics to create pieces of work that intentionally sound different from one another. He takes pride in the quality of his music and the use of his full vocal range.

As he works his way into becoming a well-known artist and earning thousands of streams, The Only Carnell's ultimate goal is to create good music and inspire others to be the most authentic versions of themselves. He lets God lead him in the right direction musically, and with the support of his friends and followers, he hopes to continue his climb to fame and become verified.

Listeners of "How U Been (Live)" will be captivated by The Only Carnell's relatable lyrics that speak to the struggles of everyday life, while the happy and epic moods of the song provide a sense of hope and optimism. With a growing social media following and an unwavering commitment to creating good music, The Only Carnell is an artist to watch in the world of hip-hop and alternative rap.


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