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The Modern World - “Swingin Party” (The Replacements Cover)

Oli James, the mastermind behind The Modern World, began writing songs at a young age. He honed his craft while studying English at University College London, and after a two-year stint touring with a professional blues band in Moscow, Russia, Oli returned to London and formed The Modern World.

The Modern World's music often blends elements of classic indie rock, jazz, and early hip-hop. Oli assumes guitar and vocal duties, often overdubbing other instruments as well in the studio. He is joined on stage by a rotating cast of top-notch session musicians and close collaborators from the London music scene.

"Swingin Party" was written by Paul Westerberg for The Replacements' fourth album in 1985. It's a bittersweet song that captures the ups and downs of life in a band. In this cover, The Modern World keeps the washed-out, layered guitars of the original but adds a drum machine to give the song a new twist. This cover is a nod to the original, but it also shows how The Modern World puts their own spin on a classic song.


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