The Lovepools - "Cut Me Slack!"

The Lovepools are a Los Angeles indie rock band first formed in 2017. Thus far they've released two EP's. Their first single, "See You In The Funny Papers" appeared on Showtime’s “Shameless” Season 9 Premiere. Their latest must video and single, “White Lies & Palm Trees” is a departure from their guitar-based indie-rock roots into a dreamy synth-pop sound. Inspired by bands like Foster The People and Empire Of The Sun, singer, Anthony Shea confesses his monotonous experiences around the streets of LA: red lights, daydreams, white lies, palm trees, rinse, repeat... On May 22nd “White Lies & Palm Trees” was re-released in Europe with label Sword Music under exclusive license with Sony Music Entertainment Italy. Now The Lovepools came to us with "Cut Me Slack!" and it's totally reminiscent to Empire Of The Sun, which I love. It has a fun, pop driven beat, full of synths and synth bass. The mix sounds great and you can tell it was done to taste as well and this group pulls from inspiration. This track is for dreamers, and we hope to hear more from them. The retro, synth-pop style is like M83 or Neon Indian, Check it out.



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