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The Letter Noon - "New Leaf"

Introducing The Letter Noon with the latest single "New Leaf". The Letter Noon is a birth child of two people from completely different spectrums of the world coming together for the love of music and hip-hop. Producer Shirman is from Tehran, Iran and moved to Milan to go to school for music production and to be able to legally express himself musically, since in Iran he could not. The single to us is very reminiscent to the jazz sound, especially on the beat, the artist seems to choose something that immediately relaxes the listeners ears. The vocals are just the cherry on top we think in an amazing way. The writing is absolutely something that makes you feel relaxed as well. The artist is very good at storytelling and is very prolific we think as well, really bringing us into their life with the grasping lyrics. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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