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The Hidden x rocomoco - “Stellar Garden”

The Hidden and rocomoco have teamed up to release their latest single, "Stellar Garden", a mesmerizing and atmospheric lo-fi track that transports the listener to a dreamy landscape filled with lush synths and ethereal vocals.

The Hidden, a producer hailing from Sweden, is known for his signature lo-fi sound that blends together elements of hip-hop, ambient, and electronic music. His music has been featured on popular Spotify playlists such as "Lofi Beats" and "Lofi Hip-Hop", gaining him a loyal following of fans.

rocomoco, a producer from Japan, has a similar style to The Hidden, with a focus on creating lo-fi beats that are both relaxing and engaging. His music has been praised for its dreamy and nostalgic quality, often incorporating samples from old Japanese films and television shows.

Together, The Hidden and rocomoco have crafted a truly unique and captivating track with "Stellar Garden". The song features smooth and mellow beats, paired with ethereal vocals that float effortlessly over the instrumentals. The result is a track that is both dreamy and upbeat, perfect for relaxing or studying to.

"Stellar Garden" is a must-listen for fans of lo-fi and ambient music, and a testament to the talents of both The Hidden and rocomoco. Be sure to give this beautiful single a listen and add it to your lo-fi playlist.


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