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The Dirty Sample - "French Butter Disque De La Frite"

Introducing "French Butter Disque De La Frite" by The Dirty Sample, a new single from the upcoming release "Butterbreath." Released by Mo Gravy Records, this track is a delicious blend of Lo-fi Hip-Hop and Instrumental Hip-Hop, with a sprinkle of Study beats, Jazz-hop, and Chill-hop. This musical creation is perfect for fans of Madlib, MF DOOM, Buck 65, and J Dilla, offering a chill, moody, and romantic vibe that's as comforting as it is adventurous. "French Butter Disque De La Frite" is a testament to The Dirty Sample's unique culinary approach to beats, where the flavors of music are expertly combined to create a sonic feast. The track features elegant piano melodies, light vocal samples, and a lo-fi drum groove, each adding its own distinct flavor to the composition. Really giving us that adult swim commercial feeling we think here. The melody of the piano serves as the main ingredient, introducing sophistication and nostalgia. The light vocal samples, like a sprinkle of herbs, add a subtle yet distinct flavor, elevating the overall experience. The lo-fi drums provide the rhythmic backbone, simmering gently and adding an authentic charm to the track. To fully enjoy this musical dish, begin with the warm piano notes that set a cozy ambiance. Let the light vocal samples blend seamlessly, infusing the track with an airy quality. The lo-fi drum groove should simmer slowly, building intensity without overpowering the delicate balance of flavors. Listen below to see what we mean for yourself.


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