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The Brandy Alexanders With "Live By The Night"

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, brothers Alex and Daniel Dick began their musical journey in high school. Alex and Daniel started now defunct bands called “Nuclear Sunrise” (2011-2013) and “Takers & Leavers” (2013-2016) before becoming The Brandy Alexanders in 2016. The band takes their name from an unassuming cocktail that got John Lennon and Harry Nilsson ejected from The Troubadour in West Hollywood after a few too many. Alex serves as lead vocalist & guitar, with Daniel on keys / synths. Over the last decade they have slugged it out on stages from their high school talent shows, packing clubs and theatres in Southern Ontario. In discussing the song, the band says, "The lyrics have to do with the church of latter day saints missionaries. It is about seeing how people may rely on things they can't justify or explain, however it is human nature and if it makes people feel good, thus potentially making it a good thing. This song evolved over the course of two years, eventually adding the chorus and the unison guitar part after Alex and Dan did multiple demos." While the duo is new on our radar we are defintely appreciative for sumbling upon their music with what seems like their oh so ready sound. The mix is simply amazing and very reminiscent to M83, and even Foster The People, we would say if you're an enjoyer of them, then you will love The Brandy Alexanders. Take a listen below, and watch their video!



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