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The Best Of Rap Volume 9

We start the night with an exceptional artist known as Edisunn he recently released a new track called "In Your Dreams" it's such a dreamy and calming song that will surely have you in a sense of comfort and euphoria with his soft vocals and smooth instrumentation you'll surely be intrigued. Continuing the night we follow up with Kellz with his new single "OBSESSION" he presents an astonishing sound that will certainly have you hooked kinda reminding me of Don Toliver in a sense, having catchy vocals and grasping production you'll be captivated instantly. We also have a bright artist known as Poet 22 with her single "comfort" she is a such nostalgic person that knows how to get the mood right, with her distinct vocals and grasping production you'll definitely regret missing out on this artist. Din Dinero also shows us his versatility with "Off the Leash" (feat. Show Bihhh) they capture the sound instantly with smooth and ear-catching vocals they complete the track entirely, I can definitely hear this in a club, dancing like crazy with your girlfriends, they certainly have that commercial hip-hop sound that will get you jamming. We also have artistic fussy with "5K" his sound is so luscious having upbeat instrumentation with his flowing vocals you surely will be captivated, hearing his track it'll instantly have you clutched. Slouch Online fascinates us with his new single "SINCE THEN" (FREESTYLE) he presents a such relatable track that will surely grasp your ears, he begins with booming instrumentation leading onto his gripping and ear-splitting vocals he captures the song fully, We also have Shoebox Benny with "Straight" it's always nice to hear that hip-hop that gets you moving, his sound is savage that makes you wanna forget about everything and straight vibe out you wouldn't want to miss it. To end the night we introduce Stump x AnSo coming in hard with a lofi instrumental leading onto their nostalgic and smooth vocals they definitely know how to get you vibing, ending the day with a smooth classic. Go check out these amazing acts and let us know what you think!


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