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The Best Of Rap Volume 7

First to begin the evening we have ARO727 - "Incredible", a vibrant single that sounds like its dedicated to a special woman in the artists life. We commend that big time. Guapo P - "suave flow" is a single that is darker but a more serious tone switch up here. The lyrics are what most would consider straight bars here. 929 Reese - "Red Man" is a single that is reminiscent to Lil Durk the influence here is uncanny from the flow to the instrumentals, we would only hope the artist keeps grinding for a colab one day. FCG Heem - "Headlock" ft. HotBoii is more of a commercial play here that sounds like a radio hit to put it plane and simple. The artist is reminiscent to Roddy Rich here with the faster pace but clear lyrics. Lastly to end the day on a high note we have SNEX - "horni" a single that is reminiscent to Lil Peep and the Goth Boi Clique for sure. The guitars make you feel emotion right from the get go. Listen to it all on the playlist below.


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