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The Best Of Rap Volume 26

Bayku x M.anifest - "Sake Of Money"is a coucious single that feels a bit like early kendrick lamar, A definit record you can expect to hear in the cars, the clubs, the markets, and on all the devices. SUPER FREDDY - "Beam Me Up" This song is with the artist flying out to space to start writing a new story, diving into his influences. BKM - "Times Have Changed" is an emotional break up single, the artist speaks of is own relationship over the tune. Ok Vybe - "Hustle & Grind"This song is about making money and bettering our lives and the people we love. Every day of our lives we hustle and grind, no matter if you rich or poor. Quiohte - "demons", Demons is the latest ethereal sonic outpouring from Atlanta based artist-producer Quiohte. The gliding 808s paired with the sparse dreamy synths and haunting vocals tell the story of how some people you glorify as angels, may be something sinister in disguise. B0n7Nd Jame$ 00 - "D.T.M.$. (Don’t Take Me $erious)", D.T.M.$. is a smooth fly track with raw barz that’s blended well. It shows the different styles that B0n7Nd Jame$ has.This should definitely make your wake n bake playlist, it reminds us a bit of wiz khalifa. Dougie B - "I'm Back" + "Forever On That" Two Pack, The two-pack illuminates the strength of his airtight flow and knack for a knockout hook. These songs affirm Dougie B as one of the hottest rising stars in New York right now. Ridge Long - "Better View", Better View is a deep and introspective song that bleeds emotion from start to finish. Frank D - "Already Rich" is a clear cut, hard single, the artist lays hard bars over a hard instrumental and doesn't show any signs of slowing up. Brown's Organix Ft. One Reek - "Keep Glowing", The single is interesting because Browns' Organix is a health and beauty brand that sells natural skin care products. "Keep Glowing " is song of our first EP Butters, Balms, & More. This song is an ode to women that does not objectify or demean and shows the poetic skill and dopeness of One Reek as a true emcee. Munch - "Motion", Munch is a upcoming Artist coming out of New York the latest single is reminiscent to yeat to us. WHOISJORDAN - "WYA?", is a single that resonates with you whether you’re by yourself in your room feeling down about a hard day at work or driving around with your friends getting hype before a night out. Brad Morris - "Why" is an emotional single that gets you in your feels. Heath240 - "Ayudame" is a very dynamic single, the artist can write and uses autotune as a tool in the single for a melodic flavor. Murphy's Law - "Meaning" is quite an emotional single that makes you think a lot, the single is meant to be the rebuttal to the theme and claims of the other songs. The message and meaning are quite straight forward....The only thing that brings meaning to our lives (at least for the artist) is the belief that God sent his son to die in my place so that I can have eternal life. Listen below.


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