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The Best Of Rap Volume 25

To begin the day we have Pidge - "xxmissUxx!" the single is a hyper pop single that gets you moving and sweating, reminiscent to 110gecs. Zak North - "R U DUMB" (feat. Hotboy Shaq) is a clear cut relaxing single that we could see girls absolutely dancing too and acting wild. Double A.B. x Napoleon Da Legend x Breeze Brewin - "Rembrandt Death Chant" is a single that makes you feel pretty conciously and deep about life, the single is reminiscent to the 90's. FIFTY VINC x Agf.Israel x Didker - "Work It Out (feat. Agf.Israel)" is a single that features a lot of high energy and perfect for working out. NeodotcoM - "Rico's Clubhouse" Neo emerges from the void of his own mind to provide the world with timely social commentary. B0n7Nd Jame$ 00 - "Bobby Drake" feels like a single that is influenced by the cloud rap era in 2014, like bones and yung lean. 3.5.7. Solar - "Aquatic Escapades" is a relaxing single on the vocal side and beat side but the snare is clear and cut like the artists' lyricism. Shae Butta - "Dolla Fo Dolla" is a single reminiscent to Yo Gotti, the single sounds expensive and the instrumental just sounds deep and hits you in the chest. Jai Musiq - "My Mind, I Must Escape!" is a more so relaxing single the artist stacks his vocals using some melodic flavor in singing / rapping like an early drake. BDX the Don - "Been So Long" is a cute single sounding like its aimed in pulling in a girl that the artist is interested in, in the single he talks about the female vividly. Rahney - "QUIET STORM '22" does justice to the legendary quet storm instrumental with a 22 version for the year 2022, the artist does wonders here with his flows and confidence. Shells456 - "Drop Tops" gives us flavors of kendrick lamar influence here when it comes down to the vocals, the artist has the ability to be flexible and light on his vocals and change entirely. 730FM & PHNTM MNCE - "HUSTLAS AMBITION- PHNTM MNCE & 730FM" is a classic single that makes us feel like we're from new york in the 90's. The artist does wonders at capturing the listener while he continues on with his storytelling. Y.K.D. - "Love Language" is a light voiced, enticing single that can make anyone warm, the artist does amazing work at delivering softer go getter vocals on top of this tougher instrumental. Agat - "Wait For Me" is quite the trippy track, the artist does work with delivering interesting sounds like chops and edited vocals, we think the hyper pop genre is going through some serious change for the better.


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