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The Best Of Rap Volume 21

Proud Creature - "Walk" is a story of the artists life and its plain to see when you're listening, the vocals are clear and cut. EAGZ580 - "NO EVIL!" is a single that is reminsicent to bones here because its on the dark and relaxed side with a very hard instrumental. LarryHallOfFame - "Every Night" (feat. Montage) is a single very reminiscent to Chris Brown, the use of the sample in the single is very well used and the writing and execution is astonoshing. Kali Keef - "Punchline" is a single that is reminiscent to the young acts like Iann Diorr and 24k Golden, the guitar driven instrumental makes you feel. Hitpapa x emtee - "I'll Be There" is an island single but something we think is simply amazing, the instrumental has hidden nuances like some synths and the artist simply glides over the instrumental. Veve C - "Breeze" is something different, the artist raps about breathing, relaxing and being a bigger person while being calm, something different indeed on such a hard and savage instrumental. Its great. Steezi - "Nights like this" is unique on the vocal side because the artist is really streching his vocals to the best of his abilities and being quite dynamic. E-K - "Topless" shows off an artist that is learning and meanuvring in music discovering things, we can tell by the raw mix here, things need to clean up but we're sure the artist will figure it out. UglyFace - "Promo" is an interesting single by the way it starts with compelling single and then the artist begins rapping in quite a fast pace that is reminiscent to Logic big time we think. Last but not least Hunter Phay with "ALL THINGS MUST PASS" a unique tape on hip hop we think with the very emotional instrumental and very compelling and personal lyrics, the artist reassures to the listener that all things pass, the good and the bad. Listen below.


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